Wednesday, March 5, 2008


One word..GOD
"Against all that threatens your happiness, all that robs your sleep, all that eats at your working day and all that pierces your night; against it all is One Word.

Against the things you have control over and yet sometimes lose grip on, against the things you have absolutely no control over, against your most limp helplessness and numbness and moments when you say out aloud or within the walls of your closing-in-on-you-mind; against all of this and much more than this, there is One Word.

Against the dark weak forces and the big blurs, the cold and the menacing, against the ice of shocks and fierce frequency with which sometimes too many bad things keep happening, against the rush of worries and the flood of negative oncomings; against all these breath-taking difficulties and many, many unspoken more, there is One Word.

Against everything unpleasant that happens to you from the beginning of Life till your last day here before you proceed into the perfect place where all is good and familiar and familiarly happy again, against the nasty surprises, the inevitable falls, the not-so-inevitable occurrences, against all the hardships and sometimes the horrors that accompany the beautiful journey of Living, against everything from your own personal sun-up to your own sundown, against the very things that turn your world upside down and make you question this whole thing you know so glibly as Life; against all this and against so much more which punctuates, punctures and sometimes plain wrecks your Life-story is One Word.

Against the medical names given to those merciless things that attack your body, against the sheer vulnerability of all those bones and cells within you, against the vulnerability of your blood which just flows and the clockwork workings of all your organs which may have a ghastly intruder all of a sudden, against so much which you just can't possibly look after within your own body and within the bodies of those you so very much love; against all these attacks, is One Word.

Against things which happen and change your Life, against accidents, against financial windfalls, against tragedies, against horrors you never thought of, against harm on your home and those that live in your home, against the daily susceptibility of our loved ones who go out each day into the troubled world, against the wickedness of man, of the nameless fury of Nature, against the so much that you love, look after, nurture for years and which is threatened in the snap of an unforgiving second; against all these unspeakable tragedies which affect those we love and live for and work for, against this and more, is One Word.

Against the torments of the mind, the bruises of the heart, against everything sad in and around a human being, against our own thinking, against our own acting, against our assumption that we have mastered all there is to master and then the best, the strongest, the mightiest, the wealthiest of all witness the blast from nowhere that renders them wrecked, against everything man and woman think they know until they are taught with a price the lessons they never learnt, against all our pride, all our intelligence, against everything we have known, against it all amassed together and weighed in the world, is One Word.

Beyond, over and above, finally, ultimately, in the end, there is One Word that will save, sustain, and do it for you, for me, for us. For this One Word by itself can take on all the ugliness of the world and all the ugliness that afflicts our Life; when nothing works and nothing makes sense and you have one last chance, take a chance on this incredible, awesome, all-encompassing, omnipotent, omnipresent, my all-time miracle, favourite One Word.

One Word, Three Alphabets, but everything you will ever need every time you ever need something: GOD."
This is one wonderful piece by Cyrus Merchant......

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