Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another day...

Today was just another day ... the usual nothingness surrounded me! Saw "Singh is Kinng" .. funny movie..worth a dekho..Akshay Kumar is improving each time..he has come a long way since his Khiladi days for sure..He was my fav actor once upon a time and how my friends used to laugh on my choice :) hehe...I remember we friends laughing on a girl whose fav actor was Ajay Devgan weird a choice we thought ! But these actors are here to make a difference ! They have all changed a lot in these years and for the good...
Went for a usual evening walk 'alone' ... went to Reflection pond today and sat on the steps of the Church reading "Interpreter of Maladies" a set of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri..I m really liking it..each story unfolds in a nice way and takes you to the world of uncertainty..i liked the way she has captured the out-of-context lives of immigrants, esp Indian story mentions Boston too ! :) Her way of explaining brief relationships with lovers, friends , travelers is wonderful..M sure many people would have envied me when they were returning from work, all i was doing was sitting so idle reading a book by the pool...and what they know of how much i want to be in their place ..come home tired from work :) hehe...
Who says life is fair ?
Had Mutter Paneer for dinner and idling time since then...There is some religious ceremony taking place at home right now..something like...mourning period is over ! I wonder whether these ceremonies are actually gonna tell us when not to mourn now !! Just spoke to dad, the usual nothing ! No more complains , no more more laughs ! Life is standing at a standstill..and we all want it to move...some way..wrong or right !
I know i am wrong when i am saying this, but there seems to be some 'attitude' in air....
May be ( i hope mostly) it's cos of my joblessness i am feeling this...but people don't answer their phones, don't talk to you the same way, get irritated and pissed with you , as if the questions you ask about normal life are outta the world and very much loser kinda questions !! Answering my queries or solving my mundane doubts would make them lose so much of their time !! I don't feel like talking - cos of my sore mind and mood..but when they don't feel like talking, i am wondering if its the ATTITUDE !
How wrong can i be ?!
Sigh !!!!
Will read one more story and sleep now ! Planning to see some church tomorrow all by self .. finally thinking of doing something constructive after all these days !
Adios till then......


niki said...

I think you got your prayers wrong Pari!!

If I were You, I would have not asked God for a job


A killer husband :D:D

*think bout it you can read your book by the poolside and still have a credit card for shopping ;)*


Pari said...

hmm..may time will b careful :P
Life is such dearies...never satisfied wid wat one gets!