Friday, October 17, 2008

Daily rant !

I have been trying since the past few days to get a new blogger template. I tried several of them. Learnt how to change the XML/HTML script and tada...have a new blogger template.
Most of them weren't compatible or so. Got several errors related to them. And now, this one that you currently see, is the most compatible and something I liked from the long list. It's not that great, but it's good. I like the color, the feel. It gives a sort of ancient feeling to the blog and I liked the layout, reminds me of some burnt paper. The ones on which I had at some time tried to do some stupid of calligraphy. Oh, did I ever rant about the fact, that how bad I was at Drawing and Craft. Sometime, I surely will.
For today, it's about still not liking this new template. For example, it doesn't show individual blogs. I have to see the whole page, or the whole month to see some particular blog. Individual blogs gives me a blank page. A kora kagaz. Secondly, if I have to write some post I need to sign in through google and then blogger. The upper tab, which said customize, is gone. :( Some pain, not too much, but I am not deleting this so easily. Let me have the feeling of 'new' for least some days ! Change is never bad, not too much of it atleast.

I have been 'negotiating' with some damn company since a long time. Visa matters, status matters, passport matters. And no surprise but it finally didn't work out. Ouch ! With each mail and each conversation that I had with them, I saw hope. I saw a dream. A dream, which was still as clear and as happy as it would be some months ago. I somehow wonder how I still dream the same way. How my idea of happiness and satisfaction is still the same. I wonder. So, it didn't work out. Yet again, the dream, the idea of being happy, being with a job didn't materialize. I pulled each and every thing that I could negotiate. Thought of the most pleasant and good things to say. I always thought if their instincts would have told them to hire me, no matter what, they would have hired me. But doesn't work that way.

Have got this new 'friend' off late. Wanted to write about her since long. Not a friend, not a roommate, not a colleague, I don't know how exactly to define her though. Will write soon.

Going to have a Boston tour tomorrow, with this new friend of mine. And on Sunday am off to New York to welcome the new baby :) I can't wait to take her in my arms. I just cant !!! Went and got some gift for her, a nice pink photo frame ( Yes, Pink for girls, blue for boys --USA follows this even for kids) in which there will be 12 pics of hers , one for each month. That way we can cherish her growth through the first year. And a cute little dalmatian. I was imagining how she would play with all this. :)

There are always certain things to look forward to...isn't that good ? Hell yeah !!

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