Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dreams we weave !

Me and her, my sister have this amazing way to start off conversations about anything and everything, and we both have this wonderful eye for the future. We have come off pretty well given the recent circumstances, and have almost come in terms with the recent changes in life. Because, we both believe that Mom is still there with us. Just that not in flesh and bone. Our dreams haven't changed and nor has the way we see them. I am glad, she is fine. Almost. Though some comments by her, scare me.

It doesn't take us long to leave the real world of existence and start flying over the nearest cloud that we see. While having one of those dreamy conversations today, we thought how it would be , if I were a theater artist. Ok, I am not a great stage artist currently, but I love being on stage. I love the feeling of having all eyes on you, being under the spot light, having those murmur conversations in the wings. I love the feeling. I love it all. I have had my chances and would do many things to do that thing again. So, the idea is , I am a stage artist in Mumbai. As famous as other famous stage artists are, like Lillete Dubey or Boman Irani, or someone like that. And how I would be called for college functions and how I would have a car, chauffeur of my own and a fan following too! How people would wait for hours, and even after I turn up late, claiming traffic as the reason, they would take it and watch me act with great enthusiasm. And then, incase at the start of the career I wouldn't have sufficient money, she would fund me and I can always do some part time work. Part time work what? Well, being in the science and research field, I couldn't be too creative about ideas and definitely no pharma company in india would feed the ideas of a wanna-be theater artist, and give me employment part time. Well, the MBA sister that she is , came up with the idea of working in some NGO. Yeah, voluntarily. But, wouldn't that mean, I am doing everything that I wish to do! Do heck with money. As such she or dad, can't figure me doing a 9 to 5 job with burden of traveling and all. I am the young pup they have, and they would mean or do no harm to me :) Fair enough. So from where will all the money for my survival come. Agreed, I would try to spend less and all. And that too, now after getting accustomed to the lifestyle at USA and dollars, it would be so difficult to survive in the heat and crowd of mumbai. The poor soul that I am, do I not deserve to do things that I wish to do. So, the plan that the creative mind in hers had was, she would shift her job. Well, currently the company where she works ( No names here plz) doesn't pay her that well, and gets work done amounting to the salary of 3 people. She has an amazing network of friends and alumni from the IIM league, this time around she would take up job with a company who pays her double and even sends her for some onsite work. Solved, financial trouble solved. Checking the list of 'mission pari's dreams' , we almost checked all the items that we could think of. She also has some friend working in a nice NGO donating toys to kids and stuff, who had asked her for help sometime back. So she would back be in good terms with that friend too. And everyone's happy. There I am, all set to fly and ready to follow my passion. Didn't dad always say, do a job that you will like, and you will never work a day. The obedient daughter, that I could I tell no !

Just as we were thinking about the stardom effect that my popularity would have on the family's peace and privacy, we thought we also heard the sound of people yelling out my name !! But then, that one sadly, was not a part of the dream we saw. That was REALITY. Dad was yelling from behind, asking her to keep since it was almost 12 am in the morning and she had to go to work the other day. Yeah, the same blood sucking company.

I am sure she would have ended this wonderful dream in her actual dreams yesterday night. Yeah, some dreams we weave and those times we live to see....

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