Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just like that ...

How do they come?

A gushing wave you have tried to control for so long and one small talk or a small occurring incident finally gives birth to the wave. The wave starting from the corner of your eye, traveling the smooth road of your cheeks and landing on your palms. And there have been times when only after feeling the moistness on your palms do you realize they existed. The shortest life they live. With each sibling coming out shortly thereafter. Times you stop. Times you don't. Times you wish they were there. Times you think they make you weak. Times you have none of them. Times you are never short of them. The little pearls.

They say some people are not worth them. I do understand. Will they understand. Can I control their birth ? Their Life? Their existence?

They will always come as they always have ... Just like that !


Rambler said...

its not just them you know..we cannot control anything..infact "I" being able to control is the biggest illusion I guess

Pari said...

Makes me wonder all the more !!!!


Rambler said...

Lets discuss this sometime in leisure :)