Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter - My first flakes of snow :)

Coming from India I never have had the chance to await winter for its grrrrr cold weather or even await snow !! Growing up while watching movies like " Serendipity", "Jingle all the way", "Home Alone" and so many of them where along with the story, plot and the add-ons, I never missed the opportunity to see "Snow" !! How carol singing, hanging socks, making snow man and kissing under the mistle toe ... added to the charm of having a white winter !!

Snow has its own charm. It makes things beautiful. In India, mourning is symbolised by the color white, whereas here in USA it is done by the color black. Call me wrong, but I think that's because here people have a white winter. Snow is white and snow is pure. Snow can never mean a dull time. Peeping out of a window and seeing a white tree, white road and white cars , is so fun :) Agreed, it is no good in the practical terms, but imagine a day when its snowing outside and all you are doing is drinking hot choclate and watching from your bedroom window !

My first winter of USA !! I was so awaiting it since the day I landed here. And then I remember the night of December 4th, 2006 we all friends had seen a prediction of snow that night. We all took turns staying awake and to make sure that we don't miss it. And somewhere around 7 am in the morning, my friend woke me up --- to show me the most spectacular site I would remember for the rest of my life ! My first snow :)
It was happening !! We all rushed outside wearing our pink pyjamas :) It was there, falling from heaven, the smooth soft flakes in white... turning into ice and then water ! I can't put that feeling in words..but it was an awesome feeling ! I could think of this small poem I had read somewhere that time...

Snow makes whiteness where it falls,
The bushes look like popcorn balls.
The places where I always play,
Look like somewhere else today.

And so Winter time it was :) People were already cribbing over the fact that it was a late winter ! But I, well who cares? As far as I could enjoy it and experience it , I don't care ! :)
I had kept a count for the few times whenever it snowed. But sadly, I lost that count once when I slipped in that horrible pile of snow ! I remember that year on Feb 14th, the Lover's day, it had snowed the maximum. And had it been just another day we all would have stayed home, doing nothing. But well, I did go out that evening, what a disaster it was ! The parking meters were deep down in snow, there was hardly one patch of road seen to the visible eye !! It was bad !! Some restraunts were also closed to add to the plea !! Somewhere down in mid-march I guess, it finallllly stopped snowing ! And to be honest, I really prayed that I don't see another winter soon!

Oh, how I hated the fact when summer was going away ! How I hated the mere idea of having snow again (though I did cherish the first snow of the year yet again) all up till my knees ! How I hate plodding my way through snow, the poor little being that I am :D And how I hate falling, slipping and shedding ounces of sweat for the fear of walking in snow !!! My friends laugh over my irrational fear of walking in snow, but trust me, I hate it !!

Saying all this, it doesn't mean, that I hate winters at USA ! But I am sure that I would love winters with sub zero temperatures only if it weren't to snow ! (Oh, but I love snow !!!) Some people I know find snow depressing. Reasons being trees are naked, sky is cheerless, birds are rhyme less and everything is colorless!! I do agree with some parts, but then even nature have the right to have its own 'off' days sometimes. Days when they don't have to be happy and cheerful. Or one may say, when they can shedd off their load for being green and cheerful all the remaining months !!?
The unstable mind and thoughts that I have are clearly on display through this two winter expereinces of mine !! And funnily , I really wonder how bad the winter this year would be in good old beany boston ! Will put that story in line for sure :)

If God were to ask me a question - what do you want ? The heat of mumbai in winter or the snow of boston ? I think, I would take the heat anyday ?! Or may be not ...Or may be... errrr.......

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