Monday, January 5, 2009

Bye bye tooth / part ?

I tried to sleep through the whole thing but it kept on worrying me for most of the day. On Saturday evening, while eating the damn something I must have broken a part of my tooth. I tried figuring out for a long time what it could be, did I really break my tooth? A part of it? A sudden urge of going to a dentist rose within me. Though my record of never attending a dentist came in between and I somehow managed to sleep.

I tried taking snaps, making the most weird of the faces - somehow, somewhere if I could see what I had broken! Its one of those farthest teeth you will have on the upper jaw, I think the molars or something ! And I can just not see what I have broken and how much of it I have broken. All I can feel is the unusual feeling of a crack or something curvy fixed on that tooth when I move my tongue carelessly. Its a weird feeling. When I brush my teeth, I sigh. When I eat something I sigh. Just right now while having a donut I realized I can eat it so well. And the idea of eating something hard and worth cracking scared me. Will I keep on losing them like this? A part and then the whole? Its coming off slowly!! Am I getting old? The feeling is scary. I was not this sad or contemplative when I had seen my first Grey hair !! I hate this feeling.

I swear to god I was a good kid. I had not eaten extra or unnecessary candies or sweets. I had never got those rotten teeth like other kids and never had I skipped brushing my teeth. I lack Calcium and phosphorus in my body and am off to buy them by the end of the day !!!

Bye bye dear tooth, or tooth part...I will miss you .. even if I have 29 others to take care of me ! ( Yeah I still haven't got my wisdom tooth, I wonder why !!!)


Rambler said...

hope it is not causing too much pain..bothy physically and mentally as well :)

niki said...

pari-ah..easy...have you tried eating half a tube of colgate??:)

Pari said...

@ rambler

I am fine , trying to get over the loss !

@ niki
would that work? :P