Sunday, January 4, 2009

He . . .

Cries. More often than a girl does. He has this emotional side to him which I rarely see in guys. He laughs harder than other girls I know at some crude raw jokes. He cherishes those little moments for so long. He is scared somewhere within of bad things to follow. He shrieks more than a girl. Yet he fantasizes adventure. He loves to cook. He loves to eat. He has this weird way of imitating people, almost like a girl. When he sings you will be confused with the voice. I wonder if he wears pink? I won't be surprised if he does !

All this and more ... and yet I call him a guy.

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Rambler said...

"I call him a guy" know somehow I feel what we think about him will not matter to him that much, if "he" is what you have written him to be