Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Orkut says...
Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still

For a change these days ,this thing actually works !!

Well, been without work has its own benefits ! First, you can get up anytime you want without being scared of being late for work ! And secondly, you can skip taking shower :D

It was almost noon when I got up today and the mess around me just made again realize that its high time to finish packing. The pics below are like mini-preview of the overall mess. If it would have not been me, I guess they wouldn't have slept to glory like I do with unfinished work (Read- Packing)

Its so tiresome. And to be precise I am doing this like for the 6th or 7th time since I have landed here. By this time, I should have been a pro but it seems either the stuff is too much for me or I literally lack the skills to pack efficiently. I have somehow tried to fit in stuff..am hell sure of gonna pay for excess baggage yet again ! I wonder why do I keep on buying stuff inspite of all this !!! Ufff !!! Yesterday, for the first time I suppose I shopped so much...no, correction I shopped for this much !! $738 !!! I couldn't believe myself when I finally counted the bills last night.. the history of most expensive shopping ever done by me! And for a change yesterday, I enjoyed shopping :) So, the bottom line remains that it is not that I HATE shopping, it is just that I do not like shopping when there is no need in the wardrobe or no help from the bank !! Case rested, finally. I will miss these shopalcoholic friends I have here...always dragging me along and laughing over the fact of me being a female and hating to shop , a rare breed !

I just packed one of my bag, hopefully. It seems like if the officer is gonna open the bag he is gonna laugh for the smartness with which I have packed stuff. Purse inside a bag, and the purse holds a cover which holds my precious little frame :) Well, I just hope he doesn't bother to dig in too deep. Space saving idea - keep your shoes separately. So one of my shoe is lying in between on my pants and the other somewhere else. Ofcourse, they both are covered. And white stuff are kept at the bottom of the bag so that they don't get dirty !! And finally in between the two piles of clothes stuff in your books and the space in between the two piles can be used to put small stuff..also electronic items if you are carrying any !!! Phew !! This comes from experience, trust me. And one of the oldest trick I learnt was use a bedsheet or similar long clothed item, if you happen to carry any to cover all the stuff..it keeps the stuff intact and also helps you carry the sheet !!! I am using all of these and lot many and am still pondering whether to take all this stuff or not. What is it worth? Is it worth? Paying for excess baggage seems foolish sometimes, like for carrying those kitchen stuff , but then there are memories attached !! And they ... are priceless !!!

So in between packing, I took a break and here I was ... and now hopefully, I will be doing my final laundry and will start off packing my other bag. It will be 5 pm soon and I better be prepared to hear the shrieking of my housemate once she comes home ... On second thoughts, I am thinking to join her when she shrieks and yells, Oh my God ... What is this ???

Till then, Richard Marx is accompanying me :)

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