Thursday, January 29, 2009

You know what ?

You know you are in India when ....

- The rickshaw drivers take a U-turn on a one-way without thinking twice !
- Rickshaws are available :D
- You see signs on highway which says ' No hand carts or bullock carts'
- Honking and spitting occurs every second, or millisecond !
- Pizza huts has 'Paneer' as toppings !
- When you tell people 'Diet coke' they stare at you with a blank look !
- Cans cost way lot more than bottles !
- Liquor store owners doesn't bother to see you or your ID !
- Two wheelers glide their way through the jammed traffic !
- You have a maid for every little house chore ! Gone are the days of washing those darned utensils!
- Power cuts , do occur !
- You see stray dogs !
- You eat caramel popcorn while enjoying a movie :D
- You can see LIVE cricket, without the problem of buffering !
- Voicemail is not free !!

You Are Surprised that you are in India when ...

- Your regular salon owner starts accepting 'cards'
- All the restaurants that once didn't now does !
- People use I-phones as much as USAites did !
- Malls are more in number than US of A !
- You can buy groceries online !
- Wireless Internet at homes !


Rambler said...

ooh liquor shop :D

comeon wirless internet at home..thats an old thing in India :)

Anonymous said...

Now don't behave AMRIKAN with these lists...u have india in ur heart kid, accept that !