Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick are those few people around. Comparing salary, dollars and rupees, comfort and living, degrees and non-degrees. Hated comparison always and now all the more since benchmarks are different. Money, fame and career isn't everything. Not that I am behind, but since I am ahead makes me feel bad for people who feel bad after knowing more about me. How can anyone's measure stick be so small. Grow up, think larger ! Damn, I call some of them my friends !!

Friends they are not. College pals is what they are. Realization may be late. Fact remains same. May God give them the strength to accept and bear the difference and know the meaning of the word indifference.

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Rambler said...

your post makes me realize how fortunate we are to make know what forget about comparisons why don't you see if you find people who share your views..and probably a friendship will bloom..

do I sound like a hallmark card? :D