Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kissa spectacles ka ...

It was just another day. I began the day by grabbing the newspaper in my hand and then started searching for my dear dear spectacles and bam! I do not find them !! Now, one can only imagine how difficult it is to find specs without wearing one !! One literally becomes blind...I pored over and ransacked things to find them and sadly just couldn't locate them. I was behaving like a maniac peeping deep through the drawers and shelves and what not. Sadly, even my lens had been forgotten at an aunt's place so nothing could have probably helped me through the day. Except for waiting for some person who can see, help me find them ! I recollected that I had two spare pairs which I had taken along with me at us. Now, finding the location of these spare pairs was not goin to be easy. Since I did not remember, how they looked like, in what cases were they enclosed nor did I remember packing them and carrying them along while coming back. So, what was I supposed to do? I could not even do a single mundane task like making milk, reading newspaper, brushing teeth....ooww, finding the clothes to wear, finding my wallet, nothing at all...the list would be endless. I almost banged my head to the wall in desperation and almost cursed god for bringing in yet another trouble in life, by starting such a normal day, in such a way... now how am I supposed to even see TV or even sit in front of a computer?? How disable I am? How dependent I am !!! Spectacles ... oh lord, never had I come across such a time..I missed it so badly and how my life without it's presence.

I luckily managed to find the spare pair after thorough searching and then with the help of that pair could locate my dear lost pair which was hiding deep inside my couch somewhere. Do not ask me how did it reach there! And I continued my day...normally, well almost....

Just goes to show how panicked we get at times. How dependent we are on certain materialistic things? The same episode would have repeated even if it were something else other than spectacles. Say , hearing aid? Hearing aids are so expensive. Are people supposed to keep a spare one even for those? Forget misplacing them, one might get up to find that it isn't working or say some malfunction. And once you give it for repairing and say it takes a couple of days to come does one lead life? Lead the normal life that they have been leading with the use of those materialistic things? Times like these makes one realize, how disabled they actually are. Thanks to the technology, that you are fortunate enough not to know daily, that you are a disabled being.

Curse the lord for giving you that disability.
Praise the lord for the hi-fi techonology world.
Curse the lord when those machines/ instruments fail you, out of the blue.
Praise the lord, for you aren't disabled, daily.

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