Thursday, June 11, 2009

A little bit !

These days while traveling, I tend to observe how many of us have habits that are actually so bad and environmentally un-friendly. Throwing away those train and bus tickets, those chocolate wrappers, empty cans, cartons...etc etc etc..., is so bad a thing a to do ! We all know drops of water makes an ocean. Same way, these small tits bits of paper would end up being that pile of waste on the road. See the larger picture, how much would it hurt you if you just save or conserve the 'waste' or useless papers etc. and throwing it in a dust bin. And if you can't locate a dust bin just throw it in your home's dust bin. How much does it hurt? None. How much it can help? Lot. I remember a long while ago, once while browsing my sister's bag I had found a bunch full of tickets. While ridiculing the fact that her bag was equivalent to a dust bin, she had commented that it's better to make my bag a dust bin rather than the world. Now, I see and realize the depth of the sentence. The mere fact that not everything is recyclable, having a green environment hurts no one and would make you feel that you do actually can do something to help mother nature!
And how I hate the fact that there exists a group of people who lives in rome like romans. So, if my dear friends are in USA they would not spill, they would not spit, they would not throw!!! That's so unfair ! Merely cos you see everything clean, you keep it clean. Cleanliness starts and ends from you. How can one person not make a difference!!!?

Guys, Go Green!!

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AnjuGandhi said...

you are right. as soon as people step out of India and for that matter if they step into a 5 star hotel they become very conscious and will not throw even a minute piece of paper but the moment they are out of that area it is back to the same old habits.
may be neat and clean surroundings attracts the good citizen, hygienic and envoirnmental friendly values in them.
there are some people who think that even if I dont throw things on the road there are thousands of others who will do it , so how will my not doing so help?