Sunday, April 26, 2009


Its been so long since I got down to writing a long long post. Many must have formed in my brain in the meantime, but sadly never got time and energy to put those thoughts in words and write on my dear blog. Well, today is the day.
I have a holiday today since I was working yesterday. (Read:Sunday!) Last week was a very long one and tiresome but I expect to get a breather this week with 1 holiday and 1 half day. Holiday is the perk of living in Mahrashtra and half day is the perk of living in a democratic country :) , the day I shall utilise my right to vote ! Time to raise the finger :)
Working changes so much in your life. Less time for self, less time to prod over things, less time to do the other things. It gets so difficult at times to switch your mind from workplace to home. So unconsciously I work that I at times have forgotten the time of the day, whether anyone is expecting my call, whether I was supposed to call someone! I do not wish to be labeled 'workaholic' but then my acts make me feel like one. Working in India is definitely more hectic, you have to put in more amount of working hours, more time in traveling, among many others. Though, I am enjoying it. Somewhere something tells me, it sucks out lotta energy outta me. But then again, I am not supposed to complain regarding that. Had this interesting conversation with Dad yesterday, where I was simply complaining how I have lost the precious self time and how I forget things while working. My world is almost revolving around the work place, and yeah I do not like it much. My dad needless to say was shocked by my statement. Its been like what, a month? And here I am complaining of more work, less time !! He has been working since some 30 years, and yet he doesn't find his work boring. He doesn't feel he is forgetting things. Daily, like a ritual he still calls up people while at work and still takes care of the various other things at home. I now actually wonder how. It's been a week since I had to transfer some money in my account blah blah...and I still haven't done it. Got some spare time and here I am ! I think I am procastinating a bit too much. I rather act. I rather follow. And I rather not complain.
But then, such is life dearies !

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