Saturday, June 6, 2009


I: Dude, will you just stop shaking? I do not like you jerking like that, with so full of energy!

He: Well, I do it cos that's how I do it !!

I: But then, don't you do it everyday, more than once in a day, am sure !

He: Can't help it? Its an act to satisfy my basic needs!

I: But you can just stop. Be a traveler. You know like camp at places here and there and not ever be at a permanent place!! This would definitely help in reducing the frequency of your act!

He: How can you ever say something like that? Have you never heard of stories and fables, wherein I am the hero. Even a King learns lesson from me!!

I: There are many things in stories/fairy tales that do not exist. Happily Everafter, for example...

He: Huh? You are just not ready to see beyond the bottomlines. Now keep quite, and let me continue my work.

I: I swear, you are forcing me to use my weight and crash you down. I will tie you like...Sharon Stone does in Basic Instinct!

He: You think, this will scare me?? Do what you may. I am not going to give up, if you can understand that!!

I: Huh!!

He: Huh !!!

....and that's how a conversation went between me and the tiny little spider spinning his web near my bedroom's window !!


Enigmatic Illusion said...

good one! :)

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

hahha...that was a funny one !!!

Pari said...

thnk u thnk u!