Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wish I could write like him...

My inbox has a mail...

It reads this way....

And I so like it, the way he expresses himself....

Glad I can read!

Strikes you hard,
Strikes you within,
You fall every moment,
You never knew when it crept in.

The reason to smile,
The joyous tear,
You know this time you will let it go,
Without a fear.

It is magical,
It keeps streaming in,
Sea of love,
Deep plunge within.

The mind keeps tracing,
You feel the presence,
Close your eyes,
Every thought makes sense.

Hold on, hold on,
What has happened to me?
You never had the choice,
This was meant to be.

Something to hold on,
Something to stay put,
Life has a reason,
Never let it go off the hook.

Every morning, you bet,
The flashes comes by,
You grab your pillow, slip the good night kiss,
For the only reason you know why.

You search the smile,
The glint in the eye,
Every breath she takes,
You wish to be by her side.

What are rules my friend?
It ain't the money, it ain't the looks,
It gotta transcend all emotions,
Not found in any of the books.


AnjuGandhi said...

I wish I could write like this
But alas! very few people have the talent to express themselves in such poetic way.

Pari said...

Rightly said...
wish i were a poet!! Or least could write prose very well...

Rajita said...