Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take care

The number of times I heard this term in the past few days is equal to the number of masked people you see in Mumbai these days...

I am down with flu :( Skipped work for two days and now I desperately need a break in the form of work..Such is human nature, when you have work all you want is a break and when you get that you wannaa work !!

The number of well-wishers who came down to see me all these days have been enormous..the amount of fruits and sweets that I would have eaten is ufff ( I DO NOT wanna count the calories at the moment) its a good feeling, but now am saturated..I wanna get outta home and away from so many TLC'ers around :)

Panic regarding swine flu is so much in air , that it is difficult to convince people that what you are having is mere viral flu...something very common these days..this weather...but then, people being people...how can you convince them!!

Read this very interesting fact in last week's DNA. 90 positive cases of swine flu makes the entire Indian population opt for masks...more than a billion people suffer from AIDS still we do not use condoms!! How ironic, isn't it ?! And with the advent of pills like "some 72 something" STD's are just gonna increase by leaps and bounds...

its been too long since I wrote something about the happening facts of India...

The latest happening thing is ofcourse the "detention" of Mr.Khan at Newark airport.
So much huff and puff is created about something which is not-so trivial. He is an ordinary man, who achieved fame and power. He belongs to a caste and community which is under the scanner of various groups in several countries. So, incase he is being questioned by some people on a regular basis, just like an ordinary man, how does this make headlines???

So much so, that on 16th of August, when the deservedly headlines should have been about our beloved PM's speech, he is shifted right below Mr.SRK's scene. Whoa !! I was like, stunned to say the least. And he could have easily brushed aside the matter and let it settle as it is ...but no..some people lead and do things larger-than-life.

What follows is a string of boring news channel making hour long documentaries of the episode. All khans and non-khans being questioned and interviewed so as to "Were they ever brisked or questioned by international authorities?"

When I ask, when will they grow up. If there is something called as Z security, there has to be something called as Z questioning. It comes randomly. It is not based on your caste or your type. It might be, I do not know the whole of the thing, but if they are treating you like an ordinary person, be humble and accept the fact that you are one !!!

I so wanna run a newspaper which carries my voice and my views. I do not want these newspapers and news channels to tune them according to the voice of the media, according to the tune of these biggies...let the common man be heard. The middle-class man is least bothered whether he would ever be brisked at Newark International, if he gets to visit it that is, but he would be bothered if the price of certain commodities hits the roof and would wanna know what the PM and the country as a whole is doing to contain the rising prices!

Several years of independence, but in a way you are still dependent on certain things, aren't you??


Rambler said...

now doesn't this make you feel..the news channels were much better when they went gaga over the wedding of Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachhan..

Pari said...

:) kinda !