Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

He says ... write ... write more.

Write, however, is I do not know what to.
Write about the daily chores, the day-to-day life, the mundane routine which always are spiced up with the expressions and emotions of a human mind. Life as it is. Simple. Lived with pompous joy and galore fun. Or the deviations which come in the form of touchy nature. Rude behaviours. A tear or two, for things done and things happening.

Convert prose to poetry. Express the world as a thesis or an anti-thesis. Kill someone with an overdose of alliterative allegations. Or have the pleasure of someone appreciating alliterations. Wake the poet within. Or do I sigh the non-writer way? Words may cause harm, thoughts are benign. Keep those thoughts within the mind. Let the whole-self be subdued by the hues of your personality.

Or do I stitch the picture of the fragments of imagination. The patches found in my dream. Weave them together. Create a bond. Create a wave. A wave which, might as well, catch your fantasy. Catch you unaware. About the dreams that the eye see. When they are closed. Or in mere daylight. You realize that how much I hate being in the present situation, or how much I appreciate being here , standing here, doing this ...right here, right now. Or the dreams that take me miles away, sometimes real, sometimes fantasy! Dreams that, however, do make living worthwhile. You realize, there's still hope. There's still a long way to go. You realize that there are things , for which you gotta strive, as yet. And you always should. That is why you each day is lived with a fresh breath of air. You have those spring in your step.

How you live each day, all within yourself at times. And at others you know that there will be someone who will renew your springs that will never dry up. you live with that hope.

At times, reality would strike you. HARD!

And you will realize, all that you dreamt, all that you hoped for...were all part of a mere fictional world. A fictional world , which sadly, doesnt turn true for each soul out here.

You realize, you will fall short. Due to various reasons. Citing one, will never be sufficient.

For me, its this. For you, it would be that. The present day would give us a 1000 reasons. And then, might be, you will come to accept life as it is. You will take what it gives you. You will be lead by destiny. You do not know, whether you want it or not. It does not matter, at some stage, so as to what you want.

But till then.

You dream on.
And you live happily.
Ever after ??? You just do not know.

As they say, life is what you make outta it.
Sometimes, its not just that you know.

You will know.

Sooner or later.
It just gets a tad too late, whenver you do!!!

Write, i did.
Expressions swelled.
Feelings melts.
There is not a ray of hope, that the world shows.
Reality is what you see, at the end of the road.
Random clues, random hopes, random memories, random people...sometime they are nothing, but loads...

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