Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Things that are keeping me one:

- I came back from a refreshing trip to Gujrat/Rajasthan last week.
- Highlight of the trip was definitely the visit to "Diu". Beaches out there were awesome, so neat. So clean. Will post the pics once I upload them. Secondly, it was a good unknowingly family gettogether. None of us knew we would be landing at the same place, at the same time. And there we were. Being with your uncles, aunts and cousins is always so much fun. You can connect to them, by things much more than the blood. I once again realized how great a family I have. Which stands by me, in good as well as bad times :) And being the youngest girl in the family, definitely has its advantage :)

- I am so proud to say that I have finally started using my Wii Fit :) Yes, I have been doing it since I have come back and as of now, I have lost some countable pounds :) My target is little too far as of now, but the fact that I am on my way is exciting. The lazy being that I am, never would have joined a gym and then would have regretted each day of joining it and not going later. Thank you Wii Fit !! My own gym at home :)

- I am the usual busy at work. Learning tips from sis about "How to survive at a demanding work place" are coming handy, daily.

- I wore pink nail polish this weekend :) Never done before!

- I intend to go for a hair cut, soon!

- I love travelling with the umpteen number of thoughts in my mind. Some sense of peace prevails within, and I often catch myself smiling for no good reason.

- Yesterday, I cried for no reason!!! Call me crazy, call me weird, but the whole incident was nasty. While returning from work, I took an auto and bang...I started. I cried and cried. Called "S". But nothing worked. Called V, did not pick up. I did not know how to stop! I did not know what evoked that outburst? Monotonous, this life is getting? I guess.... But luckily I was all fine by the time I reached home and had some wonderful dinner that dad had got. :) Food never fails ;)

- I love to see the smile on kids face when I give them food.

- I like kids, but off late I have observed that not as much as I used to. Hmm....

- I am looking forward to make a shopping list. Nah, not to shop but to tell what all to get for me :) heehawww ! !

- I do not like being timid and tiny at times. At times, those times, are quite often :X

- It rained in Mumbai. In November. All I could sing was cold november rain. The way those drops of water make a hazy picture on my window. How I miss holding hands and walking on the beach with that someone! Sigh, I love rains!

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