Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions or something like that...

I am going to start a club for people having their new resoultion as "Thank god each day for giving me this wonderful life, appreciate life more, appreciate the good around me.." and such others. I have seen and heard so many of these categories in the past few days, that I would feel redundancy seeping in if I were to say the same about me.

Last year I had made no resolutions. This year, I would just wanna jot down a few things that I feel I need. Mostly not resoultions, but I need to bring them in my life for the ever required change.

- I wish to be more attentive for things happening around me. How I observe a thing and remember that tiny little detail for so long, well in other words I would just wanna observe more.

- I need to let go. Let go off my past. As I read it somewhere, let go off past before it screws your present. I have so many grudges within, so much of baggage I am carrying around that I would be nothing but bogged down with the load.

- I have to come to terms with my life. The way it is. Destiny did lead me some places sometime, but from then on, it's me and only me who has shaped it like this. The road may be curvy, but that's the way I have designed it. I have to enjoy the ride, for its the journey that matters not the destination. (Stolen from "Peaceful Warrior" --oh what a movie!!)

- Continue with the weight reduction program. I am there. So very there. The scale smiles at me whenever I look at it. Love that feeling and that look. I love Wii Fit :) And ofcourse, the pleasure of wearing all those clothes lying in my wardrobe for those "would wear someday" phase. It's here people. So here :)

- Experiment with different hair styles.

- Get a tattoo. (I so wanna make it a mission accomplished thing!)

- Rejuvenate my faith in god.

All these and lot more comes in my mind when I think about things I need to do. Just to, you know, make my life better. The Me as a better I. Betterness is always needed.
Its essential.

And lastly, I am gonna reduce using these social networking sites (fb/orkut), as least as possible. I do not like the feelings that surge within at times after logging in. I do not.

I wish to blog more. Blog better.

And I wish to wish for a year, better than the last year.


Americanising Desi said...

i wish and i hope and i pray you have more than just the resolutions you are making! just dont keep them and make a promise that whatever comes your way good or bad, you'll deal with it!

bless you always!

Pari said...

Thanks AD :) Thats cheerful!