Monday, June 13, 2011

Life is so simple for an ugly male!

Before you huff and puff regarding the title, I will like to tell you to read the entire story. And then, agree or disagree, or whatever stand you may wanna take.

Yes, life is so simple for an ugly male. This thought came to me yesterday evening when I saw Pranab Mukherjee attending this press conference. All of a sudden it struck me, how he might be unprepared for it, how he might would have changed to his symbolic white kurtas and pyjamas, (he also had a tricolor scarf hanging around) and come to this conference. Chances are high, that he did not get time to look into the mirror or comb his sparse hair.
No, I am not saying PM is ugly. Definitely not ugly.
But you get what set the thinking process running? Yes, how easy it is to not worry about how you look, or dress, or care! All you need to do is dress up and show up.
Agreed, the male today grooms and cares as much as a lady. The salon that I go to for hair cut is bisexual. And there are more men than women who are looking forward to hair spas and head massages, and cleanups, and facials. Yes, the modern men care how he looks. He shaves off his smelly armpits, he shaves off his thick curly calf hair, he shaves off his chest to show off his packs, howmanyever they may be. He does it all, to be that model for the men "fair and handsome"!
It does matter that today he cares. He uses deo, perfumes, gels, and all things possible to give and get that smart crispy, fresh, look.
You get the point. I cant think of more things the men today might be doing, cos I might just drool at the thought. :D
How different it is for a lady?
Well, for starters the beauty parlour routine is much strict. You do not wanna have your eye brows not threaded incase of an emergency meeting. Or your arms not waxed incase you have to wear some short sleeved blouse. Girls, ladies, women, all have to be on their toes all the while, and groomed to face the situation or occupation. Imagine the terror when one rolls the pant cos it rained, and some gross hair standing out. You definitely do not want that. Men, can may be, do that. But women, I am sorry. It is definitely gross.
So, the urban women does all this. Attends office, college, chores. She is always up for the occasion. Not to mention, at her very best.
She comes in at 9 am, neatly made hair, no dripping sweat, threaded brows, bleached facial hair, waxed arms and legs, toned face, moisturized lips. Now whether or not she is beautiful or ugly does not matter much. She gotta do all this. I do not know many women who wouldn't care. All of us belonging to this species, ugly or beautiful, care how they look. We see the mirror whenever we pass one. We stand and stare the figure in front of us. We are choosy for what we wear. Aware of what we accessorize it with. We know the shoes that will fit us, we know the latest style. And incase we had to go for a press conference at the last minute, omigosh, we would be making some very rapid trip to the parlour or the restroom to dab the compact and lip gloss. Without that, am sorry, I cannot face the camera. Let's say the female politicians that are coming to my mind may not be too religious of doing what all I have mentioned, but how many of us have seen Sushama Swaraj or Sonia Gandhi with a strand of hair outta place??
Now, why do I say it is easy for an ugly men. Or may be for men who doesn't care. Very few females doesn't care. May be we are made to care about our looks. Beauty is a term restricted just to us.
The cover photo of this weekly magazine had the pic of this head honcho of an IT company. I would not name him or the magazine, but believe me, the picture was eeww...I could count the number of blackheads on his nose! I could see the bad job of shaving that was done. And his uncombed hair. Okay, so he does not to the parlour or salon to get himself groomed, but come on, you cannot have such a pic on the cover page. A lady head would have never approved the publication of such a pic. But then, this man, my dear man, doesn't care.
Fair enough. This another head honcho of an IT company is definitely the below-average looking man. I do not even remember him changing the frame of his spectacles in all these years. Humble, yes. Simple, yes. He doesn't care. And its so easy to be him. Get up, wear your tie and suit. And there you are. Ready to go and face the world.
Ever wondered in a pub, how all girls are so neatly dressed and accesorized. And all some males have to do is put on a tee and jeans. So easy, I tell you. We spend hours thinking what to wear, what not to wear. And there they are, putting on a cartoon oversized tee, and some torn jeans!! So easy!!
Ugly males, or males who do not care how they look, are one lucky herd. I will specifically mention males, since I do not know many females who wouldn't care. Its tough to be out there, and not care or wonder about my hues and shoes.
I wish I were a male. I would buy the best of the shirts and trousers. And that's all that is to there. May be I wouldn't shave off my body hair, and probably I will go the parlour for a facial once in two months.
I will use deo and perfume everyday.
For all I care, this would suffice !!

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Rambler said...

naah...I don't know about others but, I have never been to spa, I get myself shave my beard once a week, that too with a lot of difficulty, when I haven't shaved I 'think' the stubble makes me look good :)
One thing I really feel for women is that how much they have to take care of body hair..q