Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My workplace and I

I have got such boring colleagues. Its been four months now. I still do not talk, crack jokes, laugh, share, the way I did in my last company. I am not liking the whole idea. I am like working quietly, in my own sweet world. I might be reflecting self as one arrogant, moody, and 'do not disturb' me person.

No movies after work. No one to go out for luncheons and dinner with. Oh, the fruit eating times. The coffee breaks. The long chats. The orange candies.
There is so much to miss!

I have/had made some awesome friends at my previous workplace. I guess, its rare to find such wonderful people at work. Who are much more than colleagues.

Here, I just wish, someday I meet somebody, to whom I will so lovingly say the line I so wish to say since a long time.

"Where were you all this while???"


Rambler said...

hahha..i liked the way you began the post with..."I do not talk, crack jokes, laugh" colleagues are boring :D

Pari said...

zzz....they are soo...zzzz...

D said...

I get it!