Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rejuvenated :)

I just returned from this sweet 3-day trip to my uncle's place. IT was a nice small family get-to-gether. I realize how easy it is to be with "your people" You do not mask happiness nor do you shield tears. You can tell your cousins "I do not like you" and he will not even take it to heart :)

Time and again I meet my niece and nephews I realize how quickly they are growing, taller and wiser. It seldom sinks in that with their increasing age, so I am ageing too.

My 96-year-old granny gave me an ultimatum to marry in the next one year. She told me she will leave half of her assets or double of what she leaves for everyone for me, if I will find a "Ghar Jamai" Yeah, she loves me a lot, she is ready to shell out more money to see me home :) It was sad to note that her vision is failing her with each passing day, but I was more glad to see her sense of humour intact!

your demands are fulfilled upright, you eat chat and see crap things with your cousins. You laugh together thinking about some small stupid things you did as a kid. And oh the laughter of watching those childhood snaps together.

I am blessed to have such a wonderful family. Yes, I do have my set of problems with them, each of them, but then, who doesn't? And the brighter thing to all this is, since I am the youngest girl in my family, they always let go off my mistakes and errors :)

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