Monday, July 25, 2011

You know it's funny. I never thought, even after the endless fights I have had with my best friend, that there would come a day when we both might not actually talk. I still would not say we are in that phase, but somehow I just realize, I probably stare at my phone once daily that she calls and tells whatever I wanna hear.

Or may be, we atleast continue the fight.

But you know, A told me, I should give her space and time. And probably not "interfere" much into her life now...hmm..

So its been a long time that we talked. I do not wish to lie by saying I do not think about her..but then, I guess, since I haven't yet picked up the phone, I have finally moved on, or learnt to get over this or her. She is burdened with responsibilities as it is, so may be I should take a step back.

And yes, I am happy about it.

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