Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It doesn't even take less than 10 seconds for me to fume and get red over some petty issue, so much so that it spoils the more than 24-hour good mood of mine!

KapuTTT!!! Off goes the valve!

And you know the funniest thing, these petty issues are more often than not out of jealousy...out of sheer "not me :(", out of wanting more, out of "sigh! It was me!"

Yes, these are real real worse things to think of, and it doesn't take me long to put out a list of such in any body that I know.

So, when I realize my friend is in here, instead of there, I am J and red.
So, when A tells me B is going to XYZ, and B really wanted to go to XYZ, I feel J.
So, when she tells me she is making another you know...tour...I am all J.
So, when ABC buys DEF ... I am so so J.
So, yes life is good and easy. Things falls in place. Yes, they have had their share of things and troubles...but no, I am not here to see that.

Yes, I was there. Yes, I did that.
Yes, I am having and doing things on my list, then why the J!!

IT ruins me to no end! It burns me cell by cell. Percolates within and gets me mad.
God, stop making me J. Stop making me feel, I didn't or don't.

You know, there is much to didn't or couldn't.
Have and Had are too heavy to outweigh. Sighs do not add, they always should be subtracted.

You aint too shallow, or its not too late.

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