Thursday, September 15, 2011


So many things to little time...
So, I wanna blog often and update the dear page regularly...but I ain't doing that.
Too much chaotic work days, a very very busy personal life, people coming in with long over due notices, people moving out with the blink of an eye!
I have been away for a while now, missed putting my points in perspective.
I celebrated my birthday in style, missed ranting about things that I missed out on and displaying the array of gifts I received.
Too much happening professionally; not the right time or place to rant about it.
Too little happening with too much of force personally; planning to rant about it soon :)
The sibling is here :) With her around I can't even imagine how life moves on without her around!!
I have been attending hour and day long talking sessions...(read: conferences); they amuse me for a few hours and then I get back to a blank state. But I love the few hours that it keeps me at the edge of my seat :) I can't even wait for the speaker to tell "Questions?!" I simply jump with joy :) I have always have had so many...though I do end up blushing and making a fool by asking some cheesey ones.
I ended my association with the library that I had joined :( Yes, I do not HAVE TIME to read. :( Only good thing is, this shall give me time to pick up the unread books lying at home. Cos technically, I can't keep self away from books for long. However, on an altogether different note, these books might be academic ones with some new developments :D

That's it for now.
I have been tweeting regularly now, and I just wonder why did I keep self away from there for so long. It is engaging. And fun. I missed it.

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