Monday, October 17, 2011


A friend recently said the goal was "Car" at 25...fulfilled a year later.
Another one said, "Marry at 27" fulfilled 6 months later.
Yet another not-so-friend said, "See 10 states/2+ countries" till 25....fulfilled, much more than the aim.

I sit and ponder, what was mine?
Good education, good degree, good job, tons of money, car?
Where was the goal? What was the line? Or the thin line between goal and achievements has been so blur that I never saw it?
Ok, so I have written down a few things I should have achieved by 30 (now, I can't do for 25 :( )
And let's hope that that goal setting (howmuch ever materialistic or monetary it seems) helps me in ways more than one.


Rambler said...

Goal setting is fun, as long as there is no performance evaluation ;)

Pari said...