Saturday, October 8, 2011

What silver spoon?

Whenever I think of the poor days that I have had, I feel...??

Poor days?

Not entering Sephora cos I knew that I would not be able to buy those products while being a student.

When taking a cab was never an option, no matter the miles that I had to walk in the snow!

Yes, I have been through some of these days. And they make me realize how happy and rich (if I may say) I am now. Compared to those days, yes I am rich.

But then, each of us, have had their share of poor days.

I remember travelling in buses as a kid was such a regular affair for us. And in some tenth standard I specifically remember meeting a guy who said he has not yet travelled in buses. That time it hit me, oh may be he is rich. Material wise I never compared the number of toys I had and how much my neighbour did, but later when it dawned on me, I realized oh may be she can afford all that and much more. My first hand held game was a simple tennis one shaped like a robot, what a prized possession it was to me. By the time I got my first one, I remember my friends in the building had got their 2 or 3rd. But that never made me unhappy. We never felt bad or incomplete if we did not have all the things someone else did. I had never travelled in the AC compartment of an outstation train till I was like 14. I used to observe if a person carried the shopping bag of a branded store!
These days actually do not make me cry, they make me feel proud of my humble beginnings. Belonging to a middle class family has its own perks. I really would wanna instill all of these humbleness that I have in the next generation. I do not know how kids today may react if they would not get a toy they want or if their parents are riding a car they do not like (believe me, all kids today recognise brand of cars within a second!), but if I were to teach these kids one thing that would be how to be satisfied and happy all the time.
It is like you can live with a million rupees a day but you can also live and be happy with a 1000. Today, I may be spending w/o noticing my credit card bill, and the likes, but somewhere I know, I can live even without all these expenditures. I travel in buses as easily as I travel in an SX4. So, yes, I do crib that the AC in my room doesn't give me a full blast like the office one, I crib that train travelling is too hot and messy, and I crib that seats in a theatre are not too comfortable and not worth the money I paid, but even with these cribbings there is no string attached, wherein I yell, ye toh hona hi chahiye!! No, boss, nothing chahiye types here!
Yes, one would wanna spoil their kids with all things material and all latest stuff, but along with that tell them, teach them of how you came up in your life, if you are those not born with a silver spoon kinds. And how good it is to be humble and well grouded. 

I love that combination, oh, I love myself :)


Rambler said...

Loved the post...

In a way I feel proud to have gone through what I have, feel happy that it could have been worse, and feel blessed that it taught me the value of money.

Pari said...

:) Yes, feels great to have been through things. Its like you know what you have passed through to reach here today.