Thursday, March 8, 2012


When the cute little dollop of joy that came in our lives turned a year old yesterday, I realized how big she has really grown.

She mostly recognises me :-)
She smiles showing off the cutest little teeth that she has started getting!
She flashes off a nice smile in front of the cam!
She walks with an amazing gait that says hold me, don't let me go!
She looks upto you and clings to your legs and yells take me in your arms, that's like the most amazing form of desperation a child can show off :-)
She holds onto you uber tight once after she has fallen or got herself hurt...that grip on the shoulder feels so very amazing!
She has her moments of silence and wails in between all the routine of hers...and even they feel good!
She hates when people messes up her too much and coodles her tightly and never let her go...she almost always frees herself from those tight hugs!
Oh, those, chubby, cheeks!
And she sleeps with the most amazing of the positions, there, and everywhere :)

How much fun a nice little being can bring into your life! Can you ever measure it?
She frees me of all the work stress whenever I see her and meet her. It's like I forget what else is happening in my life. The worries, the tension...all *boom* gone!

What a joy!

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