Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear She,
What is that you are scared of?
How the world would react? How the world would understand? How the 'next door neighbour' might sigh?
Honey, in this sojourn journey of yours have you not learnt of how not to care? And wait a minute aren't you the she that never cared?! Then why today, why tonight?
The fears, the apprehensions, the mounting pile of worries are all valid and reasonable to a certain extent, but there needs to come a kick, a push, that will make you see things straight or even a bit better aligned than what they seem right now to you!
It may not be the best, it may not bring the world down to your feet, it may even not stop time, but it will help you move time away, pass life while you were probably still thinking about the odds!
Take the plunge!
Do not be scared! Afraid, and over contemplative!
Decisions have to turn right or wrong. You will not know the direction they took unless you take them. And with the faith and hope that you have ... probably you will see the better end of the spectrum.
Life will throw several curve balls, googlies, and gotta make the most of it. And believe that you will have the right company to play those balls and pass those times.
Everything will be passed. Everything will seem alright. But you gotta give it a chance. And at times, those chances are those 'once-in-a-lifetime' ones!

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