Thursday, May 24, 2012


As the sibling goes back to the US of A, home has suddenly become so empty. How much of space and worth the feather weight, short female can occupy - I am only imagining! Her short/long visit ( 40 days - too much for some, but too little are the days no matter how many they are) collided with several events occurring in the extended family, her personal life, my personal life, dad's health, etc. etc....I blinked and she was gone.
Though we did manage to have our share of fights, leg pulling, shopping, eating, bitching, and cribbing, it just doesn't seem enough. Times when she was away at someone's place or was on phone for hours altogether, I just wished that to end soon, such that no minute goes by while we have her here. How funny these thoughts are? You know she is gonna go, you know times have changed, you know it will be months or years till you next see her, and yet you live with her just like any normal average day. And when she goes away, suddenly it dawns on you that oh, she is not gonna be here forever. Oh, so much of sisterly love is reeking outta me. If only she can know all this, but nah, me never tells her all this and that. We do not hug. We do not say "I love you" We do not say "Thanks for being here." We do not indulge in any kind of emotion or action that says what we feel. The thick bloody bond is invisible and yet strongly visible. All I vouch for is, since god couldn't keep mothers forever, he made sisters! :-)

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