Saturday, June 30, 2012

And then there was June 2012...

What a day! What a day to end this hectic, chaotic, and yet sweet, if the optimist me, can say...
What all I did...

- Saw so many movies. Right from Vicky donor, Rowdy Rathore, Avengers, Shanghai, Madagascar 3, Prosthemeus .
- Read so many books. Goodreads says I read 5. Of all, I remember reading Scars by Cheryl Rainfield.
- Got completely drenched in the rains, twice. I never carry an umbrella on days when it is sunny when I leave my place. But Mumbai rains being what they are, always come at the unpredicatable hours.
- Once again visited the hospital. Prayed for the ailing parent. Cursed the supermighty, if there is one.
- Worked from home for the last week or so; love the office people for being co-operative during times of distress.
- Realized I am too weak to let go off certain things.
- Realized that I am too stubborn, and in matters of mind over heart, I listen to my heart, way too too much.
- Bought nothing worth writing down.
- Finalized the new Android phone that I am gonna buy next month, pakka.
- Tried two new chinese joints, a lebanese joint in and around Mumbai.
- Came across a few good blogs; plan on reading them regularly.
- Got an opportunity to write more.
- Contemplated a hair cut, for like twice a week. Damn, I cut my hair once every 3 months; I am not sure how good or bad it is!
- Coloured my hair - like streaks...nothing new in this one!
- Explained to co-travellers what Kindle is, and how I am reading a book in it! 5 times in a local train!
- Finalized and cancelled a trip to Goa/Bangkok/Ladakh. My life is too unpredictable to plan things in advance :-(
- Stumbled upon and read a few things I should not have read. Being ignorant was bliss. Now that I know, I cannot rest in peace.The knowledge keeps hovering around like an unwanted mosquitoe.
- People told me, for the umpteenth time, how I am too much of a worrier. Seriously? How about we keep the person you love the most in a hospital and then take away all other loved ones away from you? How would you feel? Worried?
- Got some nice positive cleaning done at home.
- Lived alone for a week or so, after almost 2 years!
- Lost a close relative. And realized how immune of sorts I have become to death.
- Donated some money. Tried, in vain, to find a few organisations helping specially abled child. And in the process of this search, me and a friend came across a few scams in the so-called prestigious NGOs. Tsk tsk.
- Successfully pushed back a few decisions for next month. :-)
- Just realized next month starts tomorrow; so might have to think hard, and probably take some tough decisions soon.
- Cried, a little.
- Laughed a bit
- Worried a LOT.
- Dreamt, a lot.

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