Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ask and you shall get...

It's funny the way life works. Or the way I think it does.
I have sort of believed that there comes your time, like a very moment, when the universe asks you, silently indeed, what you want - and then hears your request, and grants you your wish.
So considering this, my wisdom tells me to always have my deepest desire ready at the tip of my tongue. Like I do not know when will my turn come right? The odds of me saying the right thing at the right time are very very minuscule, but still I try my luck. Like I do not do this all the time, consistently, but whenever the idea hits upon me, oh it could be my turn, I start saying what I want real badly right now.
This idea somehow conjured when I saw it in a movie or something. When god asks someone what he wants, and the poor guy, in the rush of catching a train just prays that he doesn't miss his train. Of course, he was unaware that god is asking, and he is totally unaware that god would have fulfilled his demand of even being an millionaire at that very moment.
A very creative chain of thought I say, but yes, it works that way. Somewhere I believe that. You know that very one idea that you work on day and night, and then it sees the light of the day. It is something like that.
So, well, what do I want right now?
I want my sibling to come out of some social troubles, real bad! She has been suffering, not exactly suffering, but it is not too much of happy gay days either. So what do I do? I pray for the person who is in bad health situation, and ask for his happy and quick recovery. All the time. That is one thing I want to change, like real bad.
And then, I am living a story. A true good to be true one. I cannot believe am saying this all. But yes, there are times when I have succumbed to the way things work for me, and known that 'too good' things do not work for me. And yet somehow. So, I am facing this 'too good to be true' things day in and day out. I am thinking about it, all day long. There is a foolish me that says oh it does happen, and the mature me says, when will I get wise? I so want this to be true. And I so yearn for this to be my moment, an epiphany of sorts, wherein I realize that no, life does not run by some strict rules and shows you a sunny day amidst the rainy season. Will this come true? Yes, I do think about it day in and day out. And the eternal hope within me, does want it to be true.
MY confusion is, what I want more badly? Which thought do I keep in my mind at that you know, universe asking me hour. Indeed, being a human I have several other demands and wishes, like for dad' s health, my salary, my this my that, etc. etc., but that very thing that I wanna happen, like now, what should that be?
Even documenting it here, has not helped my thought process much. In the vain to add some clarity to my thoughts, I jot this down, and I remain clueless. Oh wait, what if my moment just passed me by? What it must have heard I wonder... 

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