Thursday, February 28, 2013

what are you?

no, that isn't a grammatically incorrect question?

i do not mean to ask, who or how are YOU? i mean to ask what are YOU?

this rant may be related to females based in india, or some other parts of the world where females are always ready to take the second step behind the male. and those females i ask, what are YOU!

i am not a feminist. the fact that one has to talk about females separately makes it a big deal, i mean one has a demarcation line only if there is a difference in both side of the fences. and i do not believe there is a difference. so this ain't about how males are being dominant and how they take females for a ride, it is about how females let them.

the female species have changed. and the modern female is no more shy of having things done her way or showing off her middle finger in public when harassed. but is this the case for all? the sex ratio in mumbai at present stands at ~840 females/1000 males. of these 840 females say 200 females would be the modern age ones - the one who might not be submissive and meek  the ones who believe in a ME. in an I. the one who does not become a THING for someone, just because their ancestors taught them so. or even if their parents  or mothers did not force that upon them, they become the male-worshiper kinds. no, i do not have an issue if YOU worship your male, but i have an issue that YOU do not worship YOURSELF.

YOU have come to this world with the same pain and hope that others have come along with. no one is taught to dream or laugh, it just comes. then why did YOU forget it? why did YOU let others decide YOUR happiness and where YOUR dreams should end? how can YOU let a male factor control everything in YOUR life? the trophy wife! even those are the ones who derive some pleasure of buying a sexy lingerie or go on a shopping escapade, to make SELF happy. why would YOU lose self? what has come to YOU?

females with an aim of getting married, producing beautiful kids with all five senses working, and then sacrificing their whole lives on ensuring that rest all get the best irks me. why would they lose themselves in this charade? why follow this pattern? a recent fire at Kolkatta, and a female cries and says now that my husband has died, what will happen of my life!? i agree. it is difficult. or yes even suicidal at times to think to live without a loved one, but do not lose self. do not lose the precious time that YOU have on this earth.

we are bestowed with so many abilities and capabilites that separates us from the lower forms of life. utilise it. to the fullest. do not surrender to someone or something so much so that you become a THING. a crowded mumbai station and a wife with 2 kids in tow forgets her way, so the husband comes from behind and slaps her, saying how could she lose her way. and she does not say a thing. who taught her to be so meek  when did she become such a pushover. why would she not stand up. what is it that stops her. why is she merely wasting her time on this planet by being something or someone that others want her to!

life is too short to do it. it is not that i will not surrender self to that somebody. but there will be a ME, alive and kicking. and till one breathes their last, that is how it should be!

Rise up. you, you and you.

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