Monday, February 18, 2013

Where does the mystery end?

Or rather begin?

Is it when the wailing kid is pulled out of the uterus and the mystery regarding the sex of the child ends?

Is it when the child blossoms to be a perfect young toddler and you are no longer worried whether all his five senses are in perfect order?

Is it when the school he has to go to is selected?

Or is it when he tells you he has a crush on this girl, and you are no longer worried about his sexual orientation?

Or may be it is when he passes out school with flying colours and tells you he has decided what he wants to do in life?

Or is it when he chooses a vocational field with so much of thought that leaves you with no longer care?

A very close person I know is going through a myriad of emotions right now, since her son might be taking off for further studies. And over a period of time, I have realized that her list of endless worries and mysteries regarding him cease to reduce, no matter what. It is like a cycle with no end. May the coming days bring some more cheer and reduce the tension in her life! Amen :)

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