Saturday, March 9, 2013

What do you do when you are having a bad week/day at several levels?

First, you forget that its weekend and get up at the usual time and go to work. When you reach, the office is so isolated that even the slightest of your heel sound echoes. And then you sit wasting time for over an hour or two and realize that probably no one is gonna turn up to work today.

You miss going for an interview because you did not understand the instructions to register. Or rather you get ready to go for the interview and then realize that probably you did not get a confirmation mail?! And then you slowly realize that your registration goof up might also lead to missing out on the job altogether!!

You plan to leave early it being a weekend and meet a friend, and then that friend cancels on you because her some far far away relative comes in!

You call up at home and realize the maid has created a ruckus out of the washing machine that was 'on' while you left, and put some more clothes which might shed colours and spoil your whites!! How dare she!

The cook has created a fusion called 'disaster' and served you that for dinner when you returned home at the end of a terrible tiresome day!!

You end up checking your inbox for an e-mail, and then realize that may be you should not have hit the "send" button too soon and  you will not get a new mail because you did!

You realize you are 'losing' it when you have been successful in being calm and composed of late. And then you sigh and nod your head thinking that everything is an illusion. The chaos. The ruckus. The tirade of emotions swelling. The volcano that is about to burst is also an illusion. Only thing real is you are trying to keep sane, and probably you should not hang up your shoes, as yet. Not yet. 

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