Saturday, March 8, 2008

Blogging fun...

Ok. So there is this friend of mine in the university here, who thinks i blog well !
Hmm... I am surprised to a certain extent, cos i never realised this and secondly, i am really feeling good for the fact that this is liked by a person who's vocab and command over just simple 'awesome'
About this friend first....
When i read his blogs, his testimonials ( which he wrote for me too today, hurrrray !) all i can see is a wonderful example of the blessed person who can write well and actually put his vocabulary into use. I mean c'mon tell me, how many of us actually are gonna use words out of the dictionary when they can be easily replaced by the layman terms. I believe , that there are very few who can write like him, very few in the terms of non-writers. Reading what he writes is fun, also its more fun cos there are people here who actually , believe me, who actually do not understand what he writes. I least do that. There are times, when i read his stuff, and for some time think i am reading some sort of self-written stuff in a much higher verbal power or something that has been taken out of some novel or a big book. That's how he is, words fail me when i have to describe his verbal power. I can't actually believe the way he writes fantasy ! I really wonder how can anyone do that.....i have to read him to believe/understand what i am trying to tell... When i converse with him i have observed certain things about him which gives me hints that he is different from the rest - His taste, his sense, his curiousity, his grasp over things - there is a certain way that i observe the extra touch !! May be i am wrong, or may be i am thinking too much to know what exactly differentiates this particular human being ! Whatever, it is ... i end this case ... with a big bow to him !!!

Well, so this very friend, yes ... this particular friend , when tells me , that i write well....whoaaaaa !!! I am indeed happy ! Talks with him takes me to another level of understanding my own work ! Trust me, it does. Connectivity, you may call..or you may call it mutual admiration...but it certainly exists between the two of us. I am yet again blessed to be able to read his stuff, or more so to be able to understand it.
So, when this 'guy' writes me a testimonial...i feel ' happy' , 'content', 'satisfied'. Who doesn't like appreciation. Lets be frank here !! So dear god, when things were low and down, you send this wonderful people called friends and when these friends are happy with you, i am one of those , who will be very happy. So, you indeed make my weekend good. You give me one more ray of hope ! If nothing works for me on the academic front, you give me plan B ! :)
I got the sign God ! Don't worry...i am not gonna let this go so easily....nopes ! As you give me this plan B, i am already working on plan C - part IV !! Thanks for letting me know, you are there ...caring for that even one smile.... :)
And yeah, thanks for giving me - Friends !

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