Monday, March 31, 2008

Dream on...

Where everything would be laughed off in squeals of laughter

Where complaints about each other would be narrated in poetry

Where there would be an underlying urge to only be with each other at nightfall

Where the journey to self-discovery would begin by holding each other’s hand

Where satisfaction and completion would stem from just being in each other’s lives

we would live in a cute little white house

Where friends would come to have a comforting cuppa tea

Where weekends would be reserved for each other, with each other

Where these dreams would see the light of day...................

Each one of us have these set of dreams..and we all strive survive....just so that the dreams see the light of the day ! Had there been no dream...would life have no meaning ? Would we have nothing to have look forward to ! ? After all "In dreams begin responsibilities ! " :)
Dreams are beautiful ... dreams provide me a path...dreams provide me a ray of light even in the darkest of the days...and hence...i dream on ! ! !

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