Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayers...are they really answered?

I recently read this book on prayers and am thinking as yet , what all i have prayed for as yet and what all , Mr.God has really answered ?
The book mentioned something like ,when we start to think about god and prayers , we should have this wide belief that ..
- God exists
- God listens to our prayers
- God cares for us and does answer our prayer.
So, as i sit down and think about prayers , with the forementioned beliefs in my mind... i realise that i cant exactly remember what all i have prayed for all these years. May be for us students , it has always been silly things like , passing the exams with good grades , hoping the paper would be easy , the teachers doesnt see our note books , no homework , weeks without assignments , etc etc...
I had indeed dreamt of coming and studying here at usa, and it has been fulfilled...Prayers worked .. i donno ! As far as i can think , i feel i have always prayed more sincerely when i have asked things for some dear ones.... i can see myself telling god ... give my parents , sis this that.. and all that you could.... i dont want anything , just give me the power to face the problems ! And i feel , he does listen to me ! Yeah ... i dont think i have asked for materialistic things from him !! I had always this thing in mind , that god can control the other things in life , love , hate , generosity , help , relationships, far better than getting the things we want !
The conflicting thought where is god ... when crores of people die during natural calamities...doesnt god listen to the prayers of people suffering from fatal disease...doesnt god listen to the prayers of kids whose parents have died...!!!!
I know , there are many people who will agree with me over the fact that god many a times ...isnt there when needed the most ! But tell me , how many of us have felt his presence when he is there !!! Times when you are happy , times when you have just him for your company , have you felt his existence ? Are those prayers that work in times of difficulty , or its just this thing called destiny ! Can prayers change fate????? Does god do good to people whose friends also pray for them ?
I can see my mom telling back home , do pray regularly....even over the phone she keeps on reminding me to pray !!!! So why are prayers so important ! Does he fulfill the demands of people who pray regularly and sincerely ... are prayers all about getting the things you want ? Arent prayers also a part of the thanking list , for what all god has given us !! I guess it means all this and lots more ! For me, praying to god is just a way to tell god that hey i do remember you .... and yeah i thank you for what all - good or bad - you have given me in life as yet !! If he can remember you out of the n number of people in this world ... so should you !!!
I am presenting many confusing thoughts at the same time , it seems ! But i think the question remains unanswered so as to , whether prayers are answered or not ! The probablity though seems less, but that can be due to the fact that desires are many from so many many can he actually fulfill ????

First forgive the silence
that answers the prayer,
Then forgive the prayer,
that stains the silence.
Excuse the absence
that fills the presence
Then excuse the feeling
that insists on presence.
Pardon the delay,
of relevation
Then ask pardon for revealing
Your impatience
Forgive God
For being only a word ,
Then ask god to forgive
The betrayal of language !

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