Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ideal Match !

Today evening, as me and my friend were going through this 'Teen' magazine, i came across this wonderful piece of article by a freshman at our started with something like this...
" All i want is a smart, truthful guy ...who likes me as i am...and expects much more than a one-night stand! So in all i am talking about a guy who doesn't exist ! " That line was so sarcastic - or one can say a very true line !
All the singles and looking, hurt ones will agree with me and those in the lovey-dovey relationship will agree to disagree. I am amused by how much we love to discuss about relationships ! No matter even if we have a class at 7 am the other day in the morning, if we start discussing the needs and wants regarding guys, all that takes a backseat.
There is this site, called "Orkut" (as if there are someone who doesn't know) , which is like an online social network. People make their profiles and there is this one particular section which asks something like " Ideal Match ....."
I really like to read the witty statements that people have to write here...

Some goes like this...

  • "some gurl with freckles on half of her forehead.......frankly intelligence attracts me as hell,a pretty face with a cute smile and hell lot of intellectual capacitance, desire to keep herself updated, read, learn,discuss,debate...........knows whats goin on in the world, a thing for politics and also a rage when she is in the field for a game"
  • cute,sexy..highly intelligent...opposites..attract..!!!
  • Sharapova vs Karnikova...
  • India vs Pakistan !!!!!!!
  • Someone like EVE .... cos ADAM never had to hear about all the men she could have been wid..
What is most amusing..??
Once you are married...the ideal match changes to...." Already found !!"

Whether they want us to believe that , or we just have to stay satisfied with our destiny and believe that , ideal match found !
Why is that, we are bound to believe , that whatever is in our destiny is the only right thing for us? Can't we change our destiny .. i wonder......???

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