Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things to do.....

My elder sister had this wonderful status message today, it read " If you know to do nothing on an ideal Sunday afternoon, you have learnt living !"
How many of us have actually learnt living , i ask !
I believe there is a wide difference, in idling away your free time and spending it exclusively... spending it exclusively will mean here... doing things that are a part of you !! Things that you enjoy doing more than anything else...Like i feel the best, when i play my guitar or see myself laughing over some stupid comedy series or some old friends joke....

Talking about spending life, i was wondering how have i spent mine? Not that, i am gonna set up any account book... but here standing at 22... how many things have i done ? And yet to do...

There have always been wishes and dreams , in our lives.... some fulfilled some yet to be....

My life , must say,have been good since..have done and doing things which were there in my there have been updates for the same....

1. See Steffi Graf live in action ( Don think , therez much of a possibilty for the same !)

2. See a live show of Richard marx , bryan adams , Phill collins, Kurt Cobain, Enigma....and many more.....even if one will be possible , i will cut this outta da list... :)

3. Play Ice Hockey

4. Eat without thinking about stopping :)

5. Buy X box , Playstation 3 ,,, and play them on a wide screen....( OVER ! )

6. Watch WWF LIVE !!!

7. Dub for Nemo in Finding nemo - 2

8. Be a Theatre artist someday....

9. Read all the books on extra-terrestials.

10. Have my name printed with the CEO tag !

11. Watch the Final of worldcup at Lord's , even watchin ashes will do ! :)

12. Seeing the Statue of liberty ( Fulfilledd !! )

13. Times sqaure ( fulilled ! )

14. Niagra falls...( to be fulfilled soon list... ! )

15. Golden gate ( donno when ! )

16. Own a little farm somewhere in holland

17. Hiking in Himalayas

18. Go for a helicopter ride

19. Understanding the paintings of Da vinci.

20. Meet Bil Gates ! :)

21.See the magic of David Copperfield , LIVE !

22. Do my bit for reducing Terrorism.

23. Make a cartoon series like , Captain Planet !

24. Meet Stanley Kubrick

25. Meet God ! :)

26. Learn playing my baby ( Read: My Fender) better !

27. Own a Lamborghini someday and drive it fearlessly...I can substitute L with any other car on 2nd thoughts ! :)

28. Love someone so much that i can finally understand my existence.

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