Sunday, April 27, 2008

Completion !

I am back !!
It was not a writer's block or anything that was keeping me away, nor sheer laziness, yes i was truly busy. Busy for the fact that i had to finish my few weeks of studies left here for my Master's and it's seriously a bad business to wrap things up.
Be it personal matters or academics, endings are difficult !
Last few weeks have been terribly hectic and to add water to the woes i did get a few interview calls ! :) At such times, you kinda feel that rewards help, they push you forward and make you feel better on the way ! Right way or the wrong , you surely have company....
All this while, there were so many times when i thought i would love to blog on this , blog on that...since there are so many things that are coming to an end ... each day there was something that i did that i was doing for the very last time !
List includes ....
- Attending lectures
- Submitting the last assignment at the last minute !
- Writing exams
- Waiting for the 'oh-not-so-good' grades...
- Going to the lab
- Last RA duty
- Last time bunking class

And the list remains endless...each student will agree with me that when you finish all these things, your life is indeed going through ONE helluva change !
Ok, to put it in real words, i am a student no more !
I am done with gaining all the academic and bookish knowledge that i were to collect in one lifetime. PhD at this moment seems very far - not too much in my to do list. People who are working and in the money making club tell me, i am gonna miss this life terribly ! As a student who has just finished submitting the last assignment after doing it for almost a month, will definitely say 'no' !!!!!!!
Standing at this very gate where i am gonna be pushed in the vast money making world, i have certain inhibitions and apprehensions ! Entering any kind of new world , we all get that feeling. At the moment , what i remember -( i wish i were a child), that first day of school, i were to enter a new world - and i could 'CRY' 'WAIL" drag mommy till the school and tell her - ' I DONT WANNA GO' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here, if i cry - i will be weak
if i wail - i will be coward
But , if only i could drag mommy till here :(
miss you mom !!

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