Friday, October 10, 2008

Determined !

Forgetting all the 'job' crap for the time being , I have decided something else...
May be something I should have done quite a while ago, but I am gonna go on some sorta diet plan!! Yayyy...finally !
Its not some rigorous, starving plan, just gonna 'walk' , get my ass of the bed for some while...a few changes here and there....noting down the calories I need, I take and trying not to indulge in things unnecessarily. Enough of being lazy !!! Just got this thought last night, being too lazy, being too long. It's not harmful to be fit and shedding a few pounds is what I need right now. Always did. Better late than never.
But I am determined as I write this, and I wanna be the same for the next few weeks. Cheers to the new 'non-lazy' me ! :)

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