Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maintaining Sanity....

How difficult it is??
How difficult that could be??

How am I supposed to just sit idle waiting for days/weeks/months altogether, when others around are getting jobs ---as if its a cake walk !!!!
I am so swelled with tears right now, I can feel the huge hard stone in my throats....I don't understand the reason for my denial in each and every step I am taking. Am I so indifferent not to be noticed anywhere by anyone ??? Or is the entire world just being oblivious !

I sit and wonder.

My laptop went bonk yesterday. Couldn't just help but think, that worst is still yet to come. What is giving me a ray of hope right now , nothing !!!

Same me, last week ...was waiting for three different things/ oppurtunities.
And none of them came in.

Adversity tests a man, they say ...

How long does this test last??????

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