Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I wish all marriages were actually made in 'heaven' and we all were born with a sheet of paper in our hands with the name of the person whom we had to marry written down ! Scientifically advanced that we are, we would have then tracked down that person from any online dating community or just 'googled' them or may be even 'GPSed' them !! How simple things would have been....

Three of the people I know, currently are looking to get married, the arranged marriage way! And each day they have some awesome tale for me. All of them are girls! At the end of each meet, I hear things about guys which I can't even imagine 'exist' !! I can write one book on these tales, if I consider the fact that by the time I turn 40, most of my friends ( I hope not mee) might have taken the arranged marriage option to get married and I would have some 1000 tales to enlist ! Hilarious and amusing, they certainly are ! What a book that would be ! And me being a wise old lady by then, would tell people to stay AWAY from it, as far as possible !

I don't believe in the concept of 'arranged' marriages ! They suck ! Bigtime!
Meeting a guy for the mere purpose of knowing whether he would make a good husband or not, is so yuck ! And then there are things which you are supposed to answer, about which you would have never thought !

Some examples :
- Guy : Are you color-blind?
- Guy: My parents believe in having a big family, are you ok with that?
- Guy: Do you believe in having sex before marriage ?
- Guy: Are you having some walking problems, I see you limping down a couple of timeS !!!!
- Guy: How did you come till here? A car or a cab ?
- Guy: I do smoke and yeah, I do drink, but you have problems ..let me tell you , I am thinking to quit !!

And the list goes on and on .. These questions seems more hilarious when you try to imagine a picture of a stranger meeting your friend and having the audacity to ask these questions. Had it not been a stranger, am sure my friends would have got so many weird ways to reply to these stupid questions !

Back to the fact of arrange marriages, I do hope that it is not something that I will to go forward with. I hate the idea. I hate it ! The more I think about it, the more insecure and hopeless it seems. Life is a gamble, agreed...but such a huge one? What if, the guy whom you marry to ... snores, talks in his sleep, wets the bed at night, or worst, not understand you or is worth understanding. How many things can you know about him, from the previous few meets before marriage ! Compromise - is the word I get as an answer whenever I argue with my married and unmarried friends regarding this. Cos , to look at this the other way, even in Love marriages, the guy may do all the things I listed above, but it will just turn out, that you still love him and adore him for what he is !!!
Duhhh !!!!!

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in a way this scares me a bit