Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Why' ser !

Questions that keep on coming....with each passing night, the same ones haunt me !

- What's more painful? Getting half the love, that you give, back or no love at all?
- Why do people have dreamy eyes?
- Why doesn't the heart and mind work in unison?
- Why night is always longer than the day?
- Why each time on second thoughts, I change my decisions?
- What would happen IF I could see the future?
- Why people don't write the names of 'people-whom-they-love' in blogs?
- Why is anonymity sometimes so exciting?
- Why are there always somethings, that I don't want to do and yet end up doing them?
- Why can't I forget?
- Why can't I forgive?
- Why can't I move on?
- Why does the heart pain so much? Is there no medicine to cure that ?? Or am I getting a small heart attack each time?
- Why do I think so much?
- Why asking questions, never satiates me?
- Why am I not like a normal human being?
- Why I have so many why's in my life?

Does that make me ... 'Why' iser ?


Rambler said...

I think no love..the question props up once in a while to me as well

choosing to not answer them makes you why'iser..if you can attain a state where you get these questions, but feel not obligation to find the answers, that would be the why'zest

Pari said...

Attaining 'that' state !!! I wish it were so easy...'Why' it aint :)

Rambler said...

well Life aint easy :)..