Friday, December 12, 2008

Expiry date

Why am I in a field where hours of experiment can go wrong and even after you repeat you still go wrong and when you start troubleshooting you tend to always never find a reason why it failed? My readings today are just not happy with me ! They are way over 60% when they should be around 40% ....uff uff ufff !!!!!

On second note, I began my day with this wonderful thoughts that I was sure would end up as a new post on my dear blog...So here it goes.

As I was having my usual dose of breakfast and juice, the 'expiry date' on the tetra pack caught my attention. My orange juice had expired yesterday !! Sob sob ! So that would mean, I either drink milk or go to work without having juice or milk. Well, I sniffed the juice like a 'you know what', filled glassful of it and tried to taste it too. It seemed OK. But even then, the irrational fear of drinking or eating something 'expired' took over and I didn't drink the whole glass. Just then I thought, If only I would have known its gonna expire today, either I would have got a new pack or may be drank two glassful yesterday :D
Sigh ! How much that date matters?

The humorous side of mine, took over and I came up with this wonderful imagination. Imagine, marriages coming with expiry dates. Wouldn't it be fun? I mean, you get to decide till when you wanna be with your partner. Yeah, I know marriages are 'meant' to be forever but then aren't even the divorce rates increasing? The wonderful vows would read something like this ... " I take Mr. XXX as my husband till 00/00/0000 !!! and I promise to love him till this date and obey him and do whatever I can in my means to keep him happy... but till 00/00/0000" Hahahaha...
This sounds fun and actually good to me. You also have the option of keeping the date like 'forever'. It would be so nice since people will know that I have to be with this man only till this date, and after that I would be free again. I don't wanna consider Indians in this scenario, cos let's just say I am too orthodox when it comes to India and Indians. I want Indian couples to stay married forever, not that I do not want others to remain forever, but they are not new to the concept of divorce ! So let them be granted this freedom. Isn't it always easy, to be or bear the grudge of something, when you know till when it's gonna last. Like say college, or know that it's gonna end when and you know that you will be having the freedom to be outta it, so even inspite of cribbing and calling 'it sucks' you tend to be with them and enjoy it till you can. At the same time, this may lead to something like marry - end - marry - end, but well what's with imagining something so funny ! :) Hehe....

Now the serious thought, what if people were to come with an 'expiry date'. We would be more prepared to face the grief, we would be not taken off guard by some near one's death. The person in question, wouldn't go to heaven and ask God, why now? This idea could really change so many things. Like I wouldn't have come to USA if I would have known that I would be losing my dear ones in the course of time. I would have spent more time with them and made my Life all the more worth while. Sigh !! It also brings in the fear among people, cos they know when they will die, and they will start getting paranoid about the same. But isn't there something like, if a person knows he is dying, he will make the most of it. I know in the long run each one of us is going to die, but let's call it a sweet poison when you know when you will be taking it. On second thoughts, if peopleare aware when they are gonna call it 'quits' they might even you know get scared, stop moving around, or may be stop socializing, cos death is scary and not everyone can face it with a smile. Come to think about it, if people who died in the recent Mumbai attacks would have known, that this is their last day on earth, would they be there at that time? I guess, No.
As far as 'death' is considered I guess the surprise element still works the best. But I do surely believe, that sudden death is the worst form of death, not for the person in question but for the dear ones who remain alive after their death!! The innumerable questions you have, so many things you wished to do, everything takes off faster than any plane or anything. If a person dies a death where he is aware about it a few months in advance, things become a bit easy. Books like ' Tuesdays with Morrie' , or Lance Armstrong's inspirational story, or Randy Pausch's lecture...nothing would have been possible if they wouldn't have known that they are dying!!

Well, what a thought !!!!


Rambler said...

you know like you mention both relationships and people come with expiry date, but a flexible one though, it takes a lot of work to push the date forward, and stupidity to pull it backwards

Pari said...

Sounds so true, pushing the date forward and never backwards :)