Monday, December 15, 2008

"Wii"kend !

Week-end !!! The most productive part of my week , ohhh these two days. Somethings, I haven't done since ages in all the weekdays that I would have spent, I mus have done them during weekends! I especially like nights ' before going to sleep part', since whenever I am awake during weekdays pondering over something, my mind always alerts me ...I have to get up in the morning, so I better go off to sleep!! But during weekends, there is nothing stopping me ! So, here's to that !! Love you weekends, and I shall wait for you...every week :)

The highlight of this weekend was a 'VIRUS' attack to my dear laptop :( It happened on friday evening, I was trying to search for some damn literature online and at that time my phone rang. Since, I had clicked on some link while going out to talk over the phone, and being the yappathon champ that I am, when I came back after some 20 mins. I see my lappie acting weird with thousands of pop-up windows and red alerts and likewise. Oh, how I pressed the panic button !! I just couldn't at first fathom the courage to believe, something yet again happening to my lappie, wasn't it just last month when I got it repaired .....errrr !!! The nightmare once again, flashed in front of my eyes. More so, since my dear laptop repairer had WARNED me, to meet dear Back-up !!! And well, I would have loved to meet him, but for my busy schedule !! Just when I was imaging, how much back up would be hating me right now, for not meeting him at the right time, I realised that there is a term called 'Antivirus' under existence !!!! Well, a couple of downloads later, I find some horrible virus named 'Trojan' ( I also thought, how smart naming a virus like that) and I remove it successfully, but sadly, my desktop is crashing after every 7 seconds. And I just couldn't do anything to repair that !! :( But then, luckily the charm of friday evening didn't let me worry too much over this issue and I went home with a happy thought, that I will get it done....and meet backup sooon !!!
Just for the records, I worked on that damn problem early monday morning, for almost 3 hours and finally got it done !! There were traces of viruses that the virus had left in my registry and start up files. Don't ask me, how I figured it all, but well...all's well that ends well. And yeah, I expect to meet dear Mr.Back up, who will come in passport size, in the next 4 - 7 business days :)

Movies I saw over the weekend ...
- Sorry Bhai
-Oye Luck Oye
- The Truman Show
-American Beauty
-A Few Good Men
- Fantastic Four
- Something's gotta give !

Had this, yet another, amazing conversation with my sis on Sunday. I love these kinda talks that we have. Full of wisdom, full of reality. Trust me, no one can understand you more than your own sibling. Least, it works in my case. Touche Wood ! Yet again, she recharges my belief system in things around me, and acts as the dose of mood enhancer, I need to take after every few weeks. So, hats off to her !!

And last but not the least. Had this amazing 'Wii' session at a colleague's place. Oh, how I love the game. I still am in awe of it. I damn people who think that Xbox or PS is better than Wii. I love the exercise that it gives me. I would like to call it, my partner in crime for not letting me exercise :) Have really been thinking to get one of those .. and this weekend , only catalysed my desire. I googled ' Which one is better' and got some mixed reviews. I started reading pages full of reviews and guides and then one disastrous reality struck me, I don't have a TV, which would support these gaming systems !!!!!!

Ha ha ha !!! Such is Life !!


Rambler said...

thats a whole lot of movies..
Trueman show, one of the best I have seen

I liked Oye Lucky

Sorry Bhai was average :)

American beauty was weird..good weird

rest havent seen :(

treasuring of the things I always end up doing..glad you found this in your sister.

Pari said...

OK !! That's jus too much of similarity in the taste for movies....we gotta discuss this more :) For starters, must see : Something's gotta give !