Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I know this right now.....

Looking back at my past, why do i always cry,
thinking i should have given another try,
to the love that i had for you in my heart,
even today,i can feel that love from the start.

Every morning i get up,with your thought in my mind,
every night i go to bed,wondering why u left me behind,
nothing seems to come close to the love i had for you,
nothing seems to come close to the pain you gave me too.

Even though god placed love in front of our eyes,
i felt it to be true,while for you it seemed lies,
every second i prayed hoping you would always stay,
for my every prayer,you were going one step away.

The world is big,so you could live in any part,
tell me is there any place bigger than my heart,
my heart is the only place,you could feel secure,
from the evil that many have been made to endure.

Nothing has changed the feelings,i have for you,
even after all the pain you made me go through,
even though our hearts we couldn't exchange,
my love for you will never ever change.

Every moment we shared has remained in my heart,
even though some are breaking my world apart,
every day and every night i think about only you,
b'coz u made me to realize "Dreams Don't Always Come True"


Enigmatic Illusion said...

Wow....Thats a great post...Although to let you in on a secret, I don't understand poems.. :)
I like your second post..but I need more leisure time to comment on it!
Thanks for visiting my blog..and thanks for liking it! :)

Pari said...

Hehe...I need time and mood to understand poems myself. It takes long for them to come and be understood!
Happy writing till then...