Thursday, December 18, 2008

S 'Noooo'

Today, while on the way to work I realized something...I like the way the color white reflects! There was snow on both sides of the road, and also the area where I was walking. Imagine this, a sidewalk which has snow piled at both the sides, and where you are walking .. the middle area, too is covered with snow..but since that area is used by 'walkers' like me, snow is crushed beneath their legs and weight and it looks almost like a white carpet welcoming you. I felt this sense of peace and while I inhaled deeply (which I tend to do, while at peace or while having those last minute butterflies), I got this nice cold air going in through my body, and the reflecting white color enhanced the entire effect of it...Yooppiie !!! Will heaven have a feeling like this?

Predicted weather for tomorrow - severe snow showers, expected 8 - 12 inches of snow.

This definitely ruins my weekend.

This definitely means, movies- movies and more movies. Will mostly finish the Danielle Steel Book lying besides my bed since the past few weeks.

damn !@$!#$@#%#^ for cracking that stupid comment and giving a bad start to the wonderful day after snow!

Came across this pic, that horse definitely has a way to smile :) Btw, Happy Weekend ! Yeah , I know its only Thursday, but what the heck, at the predicted snow alert, and the way 'snow' rests in my 'fear' list ... I am not going anywhere !!! I am gonna be grounded for threeeee looong days !!! Oh S'noooo'.....

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Rambler said...

enjoy your weekend pari